Things I want to see in 2016

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Things I want to see in 2016

Postby mark » Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:56 am

I don't know but i'm in a really good wrestling mood lately so why not talk about what I want to see in 2016.
1: Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose vs Neville for IC title. this one kind of makes sense because Owens attacked Neville and they could try to incorporate Neville into a triple threat for the title which I would love to see and it could help give Owens and Neville a push.
2: A big Kalisto push. By far my favourite wrestler of 2015 and I hope that in 2016 he gets in some awesome rivalries and gets the push he deserves and maybe even get a title.
3: Daniel Bryan returns and wins the Royal Rumble. please, wwe, please
4: Dean Ambrose wins MITB. I've been thinking about this one lately and if Reigns still has the title after WM then this is the perfect chance to turn Ambrose heel. He could promise Roman that he won't cash in but after Reigns retains after the next PPV then Ambrose comes out to congratulate him before hitting him with dirty deeds and cashing in to win the title.

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